love tweets

“what are the advantages of twitter over facebook,” my advisor texts me. where do i begin? “for starters,” i reply,

  • a 140 character-cap is surprisingly conducive to conversation. you keep sentences short, evade unnecessary details
  • twitter is ripe ground for the personal and public to comingle. corporate talk, yes, but also public scholarship #discourse
    • sub 1: academics and activists engage frequently and fruitfully. their conversations are made public & available for input of hoi polloi
    • sub 2: many artists of color turn to twitter as the next front of dem expression. vaguely imperialist metaphor, but along a shrinking horizon
      • …of digital grassroots accessibility
    • sub 3: this is further exemplified in the accts of chelsea manning, julian assange, bhanu kapil. twitter is the stronghold of the subaltern
      • …we are just waiting for assata shakur to get on the blue bird & rehabilitate the revolution from cuba
    • sub 4: cheeto dictator is an anomaly. but his performance of mania speaks only to the grassroots intimacy broached by the tweet
  • you never use facebook anyway so i doubt you’ll actually end up using twitter, though you’d be a hilarious & smart addition to the cmty
    • sub 1: most your academic friends don’t have twitters (fred moten, david eng, jared sexton). but i’m sure they’re also thinking about it.
    • sub 2: despite what you say, you are not an old lady. though i do have a hard time imagining you using social media, it’s true.
  • so anyway, just give it a try. kenny g is a crack. bhanu kapil is a genius! and contemptorary just keeps getting better.
    • sub 1: i’m on twitter. though i think we both hear me talk enough.
    • sub 2: ANTIRACIST TWITTER is pretty fire
    • sub 3: anyway. you rock and i hope you know that
suiyi tang