missed ogyny

horror film concept: evacuation from the transbay tube gone wrong. a sea-plus nightmare drowning in fatalistic vapidity. horror film generator: anxiety, self-authoring tick of the Disaster. the audience claps, muted by the iron clasp of the door, which is, really, scripturalization. beyond it, the unforseeable. white light, spiked doorway, so that even the most patagonia-minded rider feels betrayed by the gruesome segregation of the peninsula. white terror, searing rays: can coffee be drunk underground? archway crumbles, crematory ensconced in new money. tintinnabulatory fin. 


the last rite: a rather reductive nihilism that would make sartre snicker. is existentialism humanism? or a solitary imagining of entropic time. solipsistic cynicism: filtered by cartesian cartography. 


i sit across from the most beautiful girl the train has ever seen. her locks guard: the whisper of an angel. her slight pucker: a cherry blossom. the faint trace of a bruise under her eyes: caviar sprinkled over gentle snow. who dares lick the powder from the floor. i swallow, hard. 

angels do not wear soft grey, but wield the blazing archway. so i was taught: sodom and gomorrah has never seen such dispossessed blossoms. new seismicity and i fin. winded. the breath knocked from my stomach. i should like to kiss her–i imagine this is what sartre thought when he heard de beauvoire speak. i should like to kiss: the feline crawl of her eyebrows. nuzzle my nose against the fine lines etched across hooded lids. fin, all quiet on the urban front. 

when she feels my caressing gaze, our eyes meet. my lips simmer and i pucker, minnow against the current. salve: the furnace begs. coal, it might be said, has always glittered against the clang.

suiyi tang